Daily Overload – News in short (05-11-2013)

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This post is just quick links to all the other stories that I have read today, but not had time ( or inclination ) to write up in full.


The Big Cancer Cover-Up

If your not following the ‘What “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” Don’t Tell You’ yet then you should definitely add it to your favourites. Here they go through an article published by the rag that is WDDTY dealing with cancer.



Tesco responds to privacy fears as face scanning technology introduction makes worldwide news

A follow up to yesterdays news that Tesco were going to start to use face scanning.



Is there any reason to think dolphins and humans have a special relationship? Sure, but it might not be a friendly one

I’ve always wondered if dolphins only act friendly if there are cameras around :)



Guilt by association in alternative med case

This version of an alternative product might not be as bad as the bad stuff.



A ‘bullshit-detector’ for clinical trials? The example of a recent trial of homeopathy

Edzard Ernst on homeopathic studies.



Update: Chiropractic Neck Manipulation and Stroke

Can neck manipulation cause strokes? Most MDs and many chiropractors agree that it can, but some chiropractors disagree.dies.



Herbal Supplements Are Often Not What They Seem

Considering how much we hear from the alt med groups about the ‘uncaring’ and ‘profit greedy’ big pharma companies it is surprising ( or maybe not so ) how often the ‘Healthy’ option is not.



Chopra Shoots at Skepticism and Misses

Steven Novella writes about Deepak Chopras attack on ‘militant skeptics’.



Should the NHS fund alternative medicine?




Research suggests big cats may roam the wild

Scientific research provides tantalising evidence as to the existence of big cats stalking the British countryside



Well look who’s anti-evolution as well as anti-vaccine and anti-medicine…

Orac on Mike Adams.



David Nutt: ‘I was sacked, I was angry, I was right’

The John Maddox Prize for standing up for science is awarded to individuals who are judged to have “promoted sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest” and especially those who have faced difficulty or hostility in their endeavours. This year’s winner, David Nutt, talks about his work and taking on the establishment.



Francis Spufford writes the world’s most tedious defense of Christianity in Salon

 Salon has outdone itself this time with perhaps the worst piece about religion I’ve seen on that site in years. It’s by writer Francis Spufford (b. 1964), and is called “Religion’s surprising emotional sense: New atheists are wrong again.”


I’ll add to this through the day.

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