Daily Overload – News in short (18-09-2013)

Hi Folks,

This post is just quick links to all the other stories that I have read today, but not had time ( or inclination ) to write up in full.

The Buddha of Suburbia: But shaped hedge sparks a religious hate campaign by villagers

ASA Adjudication on Steve Scrutton Homeopathy

BIGFOOT: Could large footprint be from a northern Ohio Sasquatch?

Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 9: ‘Homeopaths Without Borders’ – Worth reading the other parts as well :)

Jenny McCarthy, Hypocrite

Why the data on all drug trials must be released

Religious boy fights court for right to die.

Do Elephants Weep as an Emotional Response?

Sasquatch Sightings Across the US and Canada, Visualized

Remove tax exempt status of ALL religious organizations.

evolutionary theory maintains

The antivaccine movement buys Representative Darrell Issa for $40,000

Can blueberries and red wine boost immunity?

Inhuman Predators

Interview with Sanal Edamaruku, president of the IRA.


I’ll add to it through the day.

All the best.

Richard AKA The Skeptical Bear




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