Daily Overload – News in short (22-01-2014)

Hi Folks,

This post is just quick links to all the other stories that I have read today, but not had time to write up in full.

Noah’s Ark: the facts behind the Flood

A recently discovered Babylonian tablet is a blueprint for a round-shaped ark that animals could board two by two



Study Explains Cognitive Illusion of Psychic Powers

New research demonstrates that humans can subconsciously detect and assimilate changes in visual stimuli without knowing where that information came from, or what exactly changed.



Healthy Evidence for tackling unhealthy news

Sense About Science have joined forces with NHS Choices Behind the Headlines to launch Healthy Evidence, a new online forum to help people understand the science behind health claims and connect them with expertise.



Stanislaw Burzynski: Using 1990s techniques to battle the FDA today

It figures that I couldn’t go three weeks into 2014 without the topic of Stanislaw Burzynski rearing its ugly head. I had hoped to make it to February or even beyond before feeling the gravitational tug of the wretched hive of ignominious and unethical behavior, but here we are, only 20 days into the new year. So be it.



Health Sense: Faith healing debate timely again

Bills that would restrict or protect faith healing in Wisconsin are timely again.



I’ll add to this through the day.

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