Daily Overload – News in short (22-11-2013)

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This post is just quick links to all the other stories that I have read today, but not had time ( or inclination ) to write up in full.


Academics paid by drug companies to whip-up media health scares


Perhaps the awareness campaign exposing the dangerous lies and disinformation in a magazine that is being sold in newsagents and supermarkets under the false flag of “health” is starting to hurt.



A groundswell of support in Texas

 When the Texas state board of education held its final public hearing on science textbook adoption on November 20, 2013, NCSE’s Joshua Rosenau was on hand to present the board with a statement urging the adoption of the textbooks endorsed by no fewer than fifty-one scientific and educational societies.



Amazon Drones: The Latest Weapon in Combatting Climate Change

As U.N. climate talks continue in Warsaw, soon a flying, insect-like robot developed by scientists at Wake Forest University will give an unprecedented look at Peru’s tropical cloud forest, one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems and a key indicator of global climate change.



Sometimes good things happen: The antivaccine fringe suffers a setback in Congress

Well, it’s done. The server migration should be finished. I was out and about last night giving a talk; so I’ll only have time for a relatively brief post (for me, at least). Once again, things happen while I’m otherwise…indisposed.



Avoid herbal supplements: Column

I once diagnosed a patient with high cholesterol and prescribed medication that is commonly known as a statin. When I saw him for a follow-up months later, he admitted that he didn’t fill the prescription.



Cryptozoologists Would Like to Be Taken Seriously Now

In the idyllic English countryside of northern Devon, on Back Street in the little town of Woolsery (nee Woolfardisworthy, population 1,123), sits Myrtle Cottage. For much of its existence, the cottage served as the family home of British Colonial Service Officer J.T. Downes, and was a place of utter normalcy.



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