Daily Overload – News in short (26-12-2013)

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This post is just quick links to all the other stories that I have read today, but not had time ( or inclination ) to write up in full.

Ancient burial box claimed to have earliest reference to Jesus
Limestone burial box is typical of first century Jerusalem and has chiselled on side “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus’


Refael Elisha Cohen: A Family’s Misery Exploited

For the last few weeks, skeptics have been following the heartbreaking plight of the family of Refael Elisha Cohen, a 6-year old with medulloblastoma, a devastating brain tumor.



Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi Faces Apostasy Charges, Could Be Executed

Saudi blogger and religious dissident Raif Badawi has been cruelly punished and toyed with by the Saudi legal system for about a year now, and things have taken a darker turn.



iPhones and the Internet render ceremonies performed by Israeli rabbis invalid, says ‘expert’

WEDDINGS, divorces or any other duties performed by rabbis who possess iPhones or have access to the “unfiltered” Internet have no validity, according to Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, 85, of Bnei Brak, who is viewed by many as one of the “sages of his generation”



Prize in the sky: The Templeton Foundation rewards “spiritual progress,” but what the heck is that?

Is there such a thing as a spiritual fact? Finding? Discovery? Something roughly analogous to, say, the discovery of gravity? X-rays? Photosynthesis? The double helix?



Republicans in Congress got the testimony they wanted to keep playing climate Russian roulette

In a recent hearing on climate change and extreme weather, Republican witnesses downplayed climate risks



The Exciting Conclusion

On the slim chance that you’ve been perched on the edge of your seat wondering how the New Mexico appellate court ruled on chiropractic prescription privileges, whether the Council on Chiropractic Education got approved for another three years as an accrediting agency, if NCCAM ever came clean about spinal manipulation, and the fate of Brandon Babcock, DC, at the hands of the judicial system, here are your updates.



Vaccines help reduce flu cases: CDC

Flu shots reduced the number of flu cases and hospitalizations last year by an estimated 17 percent, highlighting the need for increasing vaccination rates, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday.




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