godparticle4u.com – You have got to be joking !

bear-facepalmHi Folks,

This is the first post to receive my ‘Bear Facepalm ‘.

I recently came across a site God Particle 4U.

This has to be a wind up.

I got as far as the first paragraph before I decided to do some digging around to find out who was behind this prank.

Unfortunately there were no details on the website, no address, phone number, company name, no terms and conditions etc.

A search on the domain name turned up that it was registered through a cookie cutter domain reg service here in the UK ( reg details hidden ) and the site is hosted in the States.

So what are they selling ?

The God Particle, which was recently discovered by our colleagues in CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, forever the Holy Grail of particle physics and nuclear research. The God particle is regarded as one of the fundamental forces of the cosmos. Many religious philosophers believe it constitutes the very ground of being, while others assert that it is the fabric of creation upon which the tapestry of the universe is woven. There are some who refer to the God particle as the clay of existence, whereas the Shaivites of India know it as Brahman and regard it quite reverently as sacred supreme Consciousness.

We still don’t know if one of these theories is true, or maybe they all are. What we do know is that you are on the verge of a once in a lifetime opportunity of letting this infinite power into your life.
You deserve God’s help, you deserve God’s particle.

This does not even deserve to be called first class bullshit.

This has to be a wind up.

We notices that something amazing was happening to many people during those days, and when we were summoned for tests by the research groups we realized that we were not the only ones who felt that way.
When the moment came to replace some of the parts around the center of the collision, we felt that we cannot dispose this material as waste. Instead, we started collecting the remaining bearings from the section which is under our responsibility. This material was exposed to the most powerful energy. After the remaining bearings are collected, we remove them from the compound and later from the country, back to our countries of origin.

So for $150 to $200 you can buy some stolen parts from the LHC ?

The bearings they show on their website can be bought in from China for less than a dollar each …. and will do you as much good.

I highly doubt the bits they are selling have even been anywhere near the LHC.

This is an outright con.

This has to be a wind up.

This is where the really sad bit comes in, if you do a search for their name you will come across a lot of cancer sites where they are being touted as helping people.

A few of these postings are by people with only one post ( usually a sign of someone trying to spam the board ), others are from people I believe have genuinely bought something and then get caught up in the ‘this works’ mentality … The placebo effect.

If I ignore the crap website.If I ignore there are no company / contact details.
If I ignore non existent science.
If I ignore that the metal has probably not been anywhere near the LHC.
If I ignore exorbitant price.
If I ignore the hidden domain name contact details.
If I ignore that it is PayPal only payments.
If I ignore the dubious advertising posts on forums.

I still would not buy anything from them. I’d rather buy a ‘healing crystal’ … If you know me then you know what that means :)

This is one of the rare times that being a skeptic is not a good thing as any arguments I make will be dismissed as ‘ Oh, ignore that he is a skeptic ‘.

This has got to be a wind up …. Been saying that all the way through, unfortunately it looks like they are really selling this crap to people who are desperate for some relief from incredible suffering. Even if it is a wind up then it is done in very poor taste.

If you are thinking of buying one … Don’t ! Give the money to charity, it will make you feel much better.

So here we go … I’ve e-mailed them ( the only contact details they actually show ) to ask the for their comment on this post … Let’s wait and see.

And just to add some more, here is their logo … I had no permission to use this so let’s see if they object to my copyright infringement :

Con artists and rip off merchants, preying on peoples fear.

Con artists and rip off merchants, preying on peoples fear.

All the best.

Richard AKA The Skeptical Bear


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